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On The Walking Dead S2, Sarah, and why it all matters

Originally posted on A Trick of Light:
I just sent this to feedback@telltalegames.com, regarding episode 4 of The Walking Dead: Season Two. Massive spoilers for that episode within. Hi, Telltale. Let me introduce this by introducing myself. I’m 30, born female, genderqueer, white. I have a couple of cognitive disabilities, and I’ve lived with mental…

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How to appeal to science denialists with raw work ethic

Originally posted on Unsolicited Honesty:
Two scientists are racing For the cure of all mankind Both of them side by side So determined Locked in heated battle For the cure that is their prize But it’s so dangerous But they’re determined Theirs is to win If it kills them They’re just humans With wives and…

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The Outhouses Of Bodie Ghost Town

Originally posted on The Gravel Ghost:
I always listen for it.  The sound of water running, running, running in the house.  Nine times out of ten it means that one of the toilets has an issue.  There are two Kohler toilets in my house that always seem to have a problem.  The latest has been…

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Heidegger in Silicon Valley: technology and the hacker way

Originally posted on Philosophy for change:
‘Software is eating the world!’ US tech luminary Marc Andreessen declared in 2009, on the eve of launching his venture capital firm, Andreessen-Horowitz. This extraordinary claim has become the mantra of Silicon Valley startup entrepreneurs, codifying a new philosophy of tech entrepreneurialism and kickstarting a bold new era of ‘creative destruction’. Decoded it means: software engineers…

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Originally posted on The SisterWives:
It is true and obvious that men and woman are different. Most people would say what makes a woman a female and a man a male is the presence of a vagina or a penis. But it isn’t really that easy is it? Beyond our biology, we are created and…

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