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What we talk about in our twenties

Originally posted on write meg!:
Over the weekend, I had an interesting chat about chatting. What we talk about with others. How we handle social situations. I’ll admit to getting a little anxious in big groups, and sometimes I feel like I have “nothing to say” — or nothing interesting to say, anyway. Because I…

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You’re not my favorite: Twitter experiments with infiltrating your feed

Originally posted on @Margafret :
Twitter is the headquarters of the control freak. It’s a social network for those who want everlasting control over what they see and from whom they see it. It’s the social network for those who want to bless people by following their digital auras, depending on if they prefer ethos (power Twitter), pathos (animal pictures…

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Qmee: A Cash Earning Browser Add On?

If there are a couple of things that are rare when it comes to earning money online is instant payment and gaining a little chump change to make up for falling short on cash. All online transactions usually charge and require a certain amount for transfers. However using this program allows a little back up … Continue reading

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The Education of a Would Be Speculative Fiction Writer

Originally posted on Phenderson Djèlí Clark:
Some time ago, in a younger life that seems far, far away, I decided I wanted to write. I was going to write speculative fiction, like the sci-fi and fantasy books I’d spent so much of my younger life reading. I was going to be a PoC writing…

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Most Effective Current Money Apps

If there is one thing that still separates modern day internet from using smart phones is that there aren’t too many FREE apps that people can use to earn a little chump change when they want to. But after some research, patients and a little trial and error i managed to find a couple cool … Continue reading

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