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Knightfall – The Bat Is Broken

Originally posted on Worldwalker:
Knightfall – The Bat Is Broken It’s said that a hero is only as good as the villain he fights. For Batman, that penultimate villain is Bane. For over seventy years, villains like the Joker and Two-Face have tried to defeat Batman. Yet their failures is Bane’s victory: he broke Batman’s spine,…

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7 tips for writing the perfect article (part 1 of 2)

Originally posted on Robert Pimm:
So you want to write a non-fiction piece for publication as a blog, newspaper article or in other media. Let’s call it “an article”. Where to start? Here. 1.  What is your message? A clear message is the most important – and difficult – element of writing an article.  If…

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Revision Techniques and Advice!

Originally posted on Floral Rebekah's Blog:
Hellooo my darling cupcakes! So its that time again of the year, exams. Every school in every country has them, so you’re not immune to them. But I thought whether you have exams coming up or even in a few years, I thought I would help you to…

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Originally posted on INK AND QUILL :
WRITE: set yourself deadlines: write a page a day, a chapter a month, etc… make sure to give yourself reasonable expectations and time frames. NETWORK: Join a writers group to network and gain support from the writing community, attend a writer’s workshop or festival, join a book group. READ:…

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A Tale of Two Authors (A Cautionary Story)

Originally posted on A Writer's Path:
? In a perfect world, every literary agent would be a fearless negotiator, working tirelessly to get the best possible book deals for his or her clients. Kristin Nelson, president of Nelson Literary Agency, has written extensively on how agents negotiate a publishing deal. According to her article…

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