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How to Succeed in Writing X: Blog Writing

Originally posted on Rilaly's Blog:
Rule#1: If you have any respect for comedy, you should avoid trying to be funny.  Comedy should almost be an accidental afterthought.  It should be what happens in the course of numerous rewrites.  A good one-liner is hard to find, and it usually falls in the lap of the unsuspecting.  It’s rarely among those…

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5 Things Never to Say to a Writer

Originally posted on Blondehurst:
Sometimes, just sometimes, it can be a little frustrating, this whole writing malarkey. And quite frequently, you might find yourself (however unreasonably) not wanting to talk about it. At all. Especially just after the times where you’ve erupted into a ball of angry frustration tears at the latest bout of writers…

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Is Blogging A Waste Of Time?

Originally posted on newauthoronline:
A post in which L. L. Barkat argues that it is time for writers to stop blogging, (http://janefriedman.com/2013/03/15/its-time-for-many-experienced-writers-to-stop-blogging/). As an author with a blog and someone who blogs often, I don’t agree with Barkat’s perspective. Her views do, however deserve a hearing. Barkat’s main argument is that most blogs receive comparatively…

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9 Reasons why writing is like making up a dance routine #writer #writing

Originally posted on Blondewritemore:
Hands up – who made up dance routines as a child?? Who did this and put on little dance performances with their friends in front of an audience of?bored family and elderly neighbours?? Who practiced their dance routine for hours in front of their bedroom mirror so that they could be…

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Can “Dragon Ball Super” be the best Dragon Ball anime/manga series yet?

Originally posted on Dragon Ball Ireland:
Being the first new Dragon Ball series in 18 years Dragon Ball Super has to deliver, there is a lot of pressure on Akira Toriyama to write a good story. It goes without saying that Dragon Ball GT was itself a huge disappointment to the fans, but since Dragon Ball…

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