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Two Fluffy Distractions

Originally posted on An Unexpected Life Chosen:
Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. Anatole France I awoke this morning, with the idea, that I would get a lot of work done online, only to find myself obstructed at every turn, by two little terrors……they’ve crawled over me, sat on…

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3 Reasons I am Not a Professional Author

Originally posted on Pearls Before Swine:
I strive to implement levels of professionalism in everything that I do whether it includes monetary compensation or not. In which case people who know me are already familiar with my level of organization and from that end, professionalism. However, I do not consider myself a professional author in…

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Freebies Info

Originally posted on Quaint and Lovely:
If you want to get freebies access, it’s free! Just begin by following Q&L , and you get the password! For questions how, comment below. When you follow, check your email for the confirmation, then log back on my site, and on the sidebar it will say you follow…

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Personality Quiz: Which Personality Are You? Ego type, Soul type or Self type?

Originally posted on An Unexpected Life Chosen:
Personality Quiz: Which Personality Are You? Ego type, Soul type or Self type?.

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How to Succeed in Writing X: Blog Writing

Originally posted on Rilaly's Blog:
Rule#1: If you have any respect for comedy, you should avoid trying to be funny.  Comedy should almost be an accidental afterthought.  It should be what happens in the course of numerous rewrites.  A good one-liner is hard to find, and it usually falls in the lap of the unsuspecting.  It’s rarely among those…

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