Blavatar Art Game 5 “Boxing Ring” The Challenger allaboutlemon

My Addition To The Art Game 5 , Guess Who It Issss…

12 Responses to “Blavatar Art Game 5 “Boxing Ring” The Challenger allaboutlemon”
  1. Isn’t That “The Superfly” Jimmy SNUKA!!!
    LOVE IT!!!

    • Yes It Is The Supa Fly Going 4 A Nose Dive Into A Meat Pie -,o

      • I Miss My 82-94 WWF & WCW. The Bushwhackers Came To Our County Fair, Once or Twice. My Brother Got To See A VERY DRUNK Jake The Snake IN-PERSON hahahahaha

      • oh wow, drunk jake the snake, now thats classic right there, i wonder if he’s a mad drunk or a humble drunk, hmmmm -,o

      • He’s A SLOPPY Drunk. He Didn’t Even Finish The Match. He Simply Climbed Out Of The Ring, and LEFT, Stumbling-Bumbling ALL THE WAY. It Was Kinda Sad, Actually. I Was Always An “Ultimate Warrior” and “Ravishing Rick Rude” Type Of Guy, Myself 😉 hehehe

      • It’s never easy to see someone in a deteriorating state like that, he must have been through a lot in his life. I wonder when they gonna add rude to the hall of fame, he was w.c.w champion before -,o

  2. Hello dear your added image is cool,and i like it but you forgot to include the cheeseburger in the picture. Would you like resubmit it again?
    thanks 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on allaboutlemon and commented:
    We have 2 versions now… This is fun!

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