A Cute Video To Ease The Sorrow Of A Lost Icon

This Is Not Meant To Pitch Any One In Light Of Whitney’s Passing But I Always Said That The Cup Isn’t Only Half Empty. And Just Like She Needed Inspiration From The Singers Before Her In Order To Become The World re-noun Singer That She Has Become Today (In Fact Immortalized Considering The Similarity In Song Sales That Have Gone Up Like Michael Jackson During His Passing) Here Is A Singer Who Can Bring A lot To The Table And Possibly Become As Big As She Is Someday. And With Her Vast Knowledge Of Genuine Music that Has Spawned From the Likes Of Ms.Houston and Those Before Her I Am Confident That She’d Be Happy To Take Up the Mantle As The Future And Next Best Thing.

Keep In Mind That I Chose To Show This Video Because Of How Cute It Is But If Anyone Is Impressed Then Feel Free To Click On The Link Below To Subscribe To Her You tube Channel.

She Is By Far One Of The Most Gifted Undiscovered Talents Out There Today.



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