New Anime I Have Been Recently Watching (Old But New To Me)

The Slayers  (Anime Release 1995)

Now i know what you must be thinking – Ohhhh no not another buffy the vampire slayer nitch and i tell you now that “The Slayers” is anything but that. In fact if you are the type that was into the whole dragon ball z franchise then this anime would definitely suit you (that is if you appreciated DBZ‘s wackyness of course). Because “The Slayers” is full of it even though it can sometimes get in the way of what story this anime was actually trying to present at the time. And like many shows this would be one of those that you have to let grow on you over time since it kinda drags at first in the beginning. But it does get interesting at some point in a dungeons and dragons sort of way.

But if your into action then this anime is full of it with the lead character being a woman that possesses the power of a witch. Of course when we think witch we always end up thinking (awww that’s kind of weak for a lead character) but i tell you that she is anything but weak. In fact the character is capable of blowing up mountains with a single blast and is extremely arrogant about it. The story starts off with her being just some snot nose teenager looking for what any teenage girl would be into (Money and glamor) and would get what she wants even if she has to take it by force. Eventually her actions create a fearful reputation and enemies out for revenge. And this leads to her being chased down for obtaining an artifact in the process of her stealing ways that some foes that are very bad news are willing to kill her to obtain.

And as the  story unfolds it leads to an apocalyptic scenario that she is forced to prevent with the help of her wacky but very skilled allies. She is forced to take on all sorts of challenges like goblins, dragons, wolves, countless ogre’s and sorcerers.

All of this and i haven’t even gotten past the tenth episode yet which by the way is on crackle of course. I did happen to get the netflix going again but anime wise crackle kind of got me a little hooked. Hopefully they can add more good material like this over time but i guess that is based on what people prefer to watch these days. In the mean while I’m hoping not to be disappointed by the end of this anime series which from my research was actually one of the most popular ones in the mid 90’s. So sure I’m a little late but maybe i like it that way cause to tell you the truth staying in tune with everything can get a little boring after a while. Especially when you come to the point when you feel like you have already watched everything already.

So if this anime sounds interesting to you then feel free to give it a try by clicking on the link below

( Don’t forget to comment and let me know what cha think! )

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