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Well for starters lets say i have always been fascinated with old school structures since i can remember. Its not to say i don’t appreciate New York for trying to clean up and renovate the city but to be honest if they got hold of every corner of The Big Apple it would probably end up looking like a boring and plain place. And who would want to live in a place like that am i right or am i right?

The New York City Highline is one of these places and i have been looking forward to seeing what they have done to fix this place up for sometime now. I have always been curious about its history and cause for abandonment before its newly renovated state, especially considering Manhattan seems to utilize every single corner of its existence to drive in things like tourism. I used to remain fixated on the area during drives just like most areas like it. But i guess that’s due to my nature in being able to absorb my surroundings and drinking in the nature of my scenery. I have always expected someone wonder if it was just a fad i had for trains but i ended being scoped down for my out of town behavior instead – even though i happen to be a New York resident.

Now after a little online research i have managed to put just enough information together to catch your interest and hopefully leave you with some questions of your own. I say this just in case you may want to visit this place your self cause i know what its like to hate spoiler alerts as much as i hate surprises. But if you still want to read on then there will be links provided in this article with more in depth information about this area. But be warned that knowing that information would probably ruin the Free tour days that they give to new comers where they provide insight on the Highline’s history.

Now here’s what i came up with –

And i quote –

“The Highline was built in the 1930’s as part of a massive public-private infrastructure project called The West Side Improvement. It lifted freight traffic 30 feet in the air, removing dangerous trains from the streets of Manhattan‘s largest industrial district. This line used to be known as the lifeline of new york where shipments of food used to be shipped for 70 years until its last run in the 1980‘s. Friends of the High Line, a community-based non-profit group, formed in 1999 when the historic structure was under threat of demolition. So they worked in partnership with the City of New York to preserve and maintain the structure as an elevated public park. The last train that ran on this line was pulling three carloads of frozen turkeys.”

For More In Depth Info On This Click On The Link Below

Now despite that rather small information i was able to gather up it still didn’t answer why the city wasn’t using this place for so long and i wont provide the insight for it but i will say that it was labeled freight trains for a reason. And to my knowledge this train line was actually hazardous and would require escorts on horses to make sure no one ran in the way of the train. This of course was during the time the line was still grounded and you would think things would change when they built and created the Highline for safety reasons but sadly a crash occurred on September 11, of 1905 where 12 people were  killed on 9th avenue and 53rd street. They declared that a switch was set wrong on the tracks and it was blamed on human error.

After reading this i was convinced that this railway was abandoned for more then the reason of industrial change. It seemed like despite having a 70 year run it was doomed from the start. I even remember reading up on how one of the trains crashed into a building long ago but now those articles seem hard to find now that the place has been reconstructed and labeled a new tourist attraction. I’m hoping that when i visit this area for the first time and take the free tour that they speak about its true history and i don’t end up being left hanging with more questions then i had before due to story gaps.

For More In Depth Info On This Story Click On The Link Below

But much like a flower blooms after going through its cold winter this place has now been transformed into an area of meet and greet. A cool area were you can hang out and enjoy the festivities taking place or simply kicking back to enjoy the vast view of the Hudson river. But the best part about this place is that it hasn’t been entirely recreated considering they managed to keep some of the tracks for plantation and I’m assuming for historical value. Besides you cant tell a good story if you ain’t got the items to back your claim right? This is part of what i am looking forward to along with what ever new places they implemented in this area. From what i hear they have a place where you can eat, a place to party, a place to take your kids and even a hotel if you get lazy enough to stay a little while longer.

I don’t know about you but i think this is kinda awesome considering its kinda like staying in a museum over night. Though considered a Hostel private Rooms range anywhere from $80 and up per day. I have paid more for less and its cool if you plan on getting away for a moment or two to check this area out. No different if you was trying to just party on the weekend especially considering they got a place called “The Highline Ballroom“. Yeah i know i should be getting paid for this but hey I’m just sharing what i am looking to get into and i don’t mind seeing ya there.

They throw concerts here and from what i have seen online, tickets start any where around $15 and up. And there’s more then one venue so its kind of for everybody when you think about it. I wouldn’t recommend buying tickets from this site considering i never used it before but you can get all the show dates on there, so go and check it out if your interested by clicking on the link below.

But do not worry there are free events going on all summer there to and i will provide the information below:

Tuesday Tours
Things to Do: Critics’ pick
( Free )

Docents from Friends of the High Line lead free tours of the elevated park, offering information on its history, botany and the design of the space. Arriving 15 minutes prior to the start time is recommended.
Tuesday Tours
Every tuesday at 6:30 pm
from may 29 – august 30th

The High Line Washington St, (at Gansevoort St), Chelsea, New York

Stargazing on the High Line
Museums & Attractions, Things to Do:
Critics’ pick
( Free )

Members of the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York ( lead these star-spotting expeditions, pointing out celestial bodies above the park. Follow the High Line’s Twitter feed (@highlinenyc) for updates in the event of inclement weather.
Stargazing on the High Line

Every Tuesday from May 29 – August 28th

The High Line Washington St, (at Gansevoort St), Chelsea, New York


( Paid )
Hudson Guild Theatre Company

Contemporary & experimental

The company performs a new adaptation of Tchaikovsky’s The Sleeping Beauty, featuring contemporary choreography by choreographer-in-residence Matthew Westerby.

The High Line Washington St, (at Gansevoort St), Meatpacking District, New York
( pay what you wish )

fri june 1

sat june 2nd

sun june 3rd

thursday june 7th
7:15 pm

This Is Awesome ( Paid )

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 7:30PM – Tuesday, June 28, 2011 10:00PM

Summer Party on the High Line

Enlarge Summer Party on the High Line

On Tuesday, June 28, 2011, Friends of the High Line will hold its first Summer Party on the High Line, Presented by Coach Men’s Collection.

Tickets begin at $150, for a limited time.

Join us for sunset drinks on the Diller – von Furstenberg Sundeck, bites at twilight, and dancing into the night, featuring DJ Jesse Marco. The Summer Party will also include limited-edition gifts courtesy of Coach Men’s Collection.

All this info has been gathered online so for more free and paid event’s that will be taking place on the Highline click on the link below

Yeah i know its kinda hard to believe such a run down place is now a spot where you can hang out and have fun. Now remember that this place is vast in events so the links provided should be able to guide you to what ever information you’d like to know about the Highline. I know I’m going to enjoy it and for future reference i will be posting any free events that i know will be happening in the city so stay posted and feel free to “Follow Me” if you haven’t already.

I mean i cant help it, how can a place go from this:

To This:

It’s amazing if you ask me and I’m up for it ( Join me if you will )

And if you have any historical knowledge about Highline then feel free to share it with me by posting a comment below

2 thoughts on “My Summer Quest And How It Involves New York City Highline

  1. Great post! I love all the historical info you shared. It’s pretty mind blowing when you look at what it looked like then and now.


    1. Yeah tell me about it, i don’t mind when something can be fixed up the way they did with that place and that’s whats so awesome about the Highline, its kind of like adding new rims to a used car you hook up. It’s fascinating indeed -,o


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