Zombie Apocalypse Fact – Do you know that research states that the only way a real zombie apocalypse can start is by a pig accidentally eating an insect ( cause you know they eat everything right ) that has a symbiotic like disease that could be transferred over to the pig that ate it and become harmful to anyone who happened to eat from that pigs body. This would then take over the host as it did the insect that the pig ate and make the person diseased and a threat to everyone around them. Crazy right? The way i see it becoming a vegan ain’t looking so bad anymore is it? -,o

The bug is a beetle that can be taken over by some kind of virus that takes over its body. Cant remember what the virus was but it has the potential to not only take over beetles but others bugs as well. So do your research people and remember to stay healthy 😉

Written By The Future 2020

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