Video By (East Harlem Project) Including Retweet By Executive Editor From Hype Magazine

 Featuring REKSONE, MEDONE And Mr.Martinez

hype magazine

For Further Info On This Music Label Feel Free To Click On The Links Below For  More Exclusive Music

East Harlem Project

East Harlem Project Via Twitter


7 responses to “Video By (East Harlem Project) Including Retweet By Executive Editor From Hype Magazine

  1. Hello and thank you for the kindess! I was really feeling East Harlem Project and was happy to push it out. Also, thank you for the shoutout here on your blog, which I have been following for a bit I might add…this is the first real interaction we have had but looking forward to more. #Salute

    Jerry Doby
    Executive Editor
    The Hype Magazine


    • Yeah man that’s awesome you got back to me on this. It was a pleasure mentioning ya on here Jerry, I appreciate the love and time you was willing to donate to these young mc’s man. I wouldn’t push anything i did not believe in and considering how far over due these guys are its wonderful that someone with an amazing eye for talent can take notice. Thanks for your support in all of this and thanks for following my site man. Your awesome! -,o


      • Yo, no thanks needed…I am quiet for the most part but I am always on the lookout for something that hasn’t be re-hashed and messed over multiple times…glad I could be of some help…I didn’t get them on gorilla leak today but I will add them in my morning run for the site…sorry didn’t mean to let them down…time just got away from me. Peace


      • Hey man don’t worry about it. I know what its like to be pressed on time. Especially when you got responsibilities such as ya self. I appreciate the gesture though and as far as originality, that is hard to come by these days ain’t it. That’s why I’m big on Nelly Furtado cause she is both multi dimensional and original as far as the majority of her content. East Harlem Project is definitely one of those trend setters as well. Music with style is what i call it, lol.


      • I finally got the East Harlem Project posted on Gorilla Leak…I added you to the twitter and linked to your blog in the actual post…I would appreciate a comment on the post page and perhaps a share from it as well…Cheers!


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