And we will start with three sites that are for readers who are passionate about books, keen story telling and entertainment:

The first is

hype magazine

For those of you who like to follow music and keep up with current events involving music artists in the industry today. Visit “The Urban Link” where you can find updates provided by Jerry Doby the Executive Editor of “The Hype” Magazine. Feel free to follow his site or twitter at @jdobypr

For the magazine line simply click here:

The Second Is

If you are into romance then you can find an e-book on this site written by ms.hart herself discussing romance and the rough patches that can either make or break a relationship. A Blog is also integrated for personal interaction with the author personally, so check it out!

The Third is
The explanation in the photo pretty much says it all. So feel free to check these two sites out and let me know what you think.

“Feel free to comment below to share your insight”

4 thoughts on “Summer is over so now it is time for Recommended Sites Tuesday!

    1. Anytime man cause like i said before i wouldn’t push something i didn’t believe in. And if H.Y.P.E magazine has generous supporting people like yourself working there then it has my vote, hands down 🙂


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