Here Is Recommended Sites Tuesday!

Now normally i would post a variety of sites to show case on this day but today i felt that maybe it was better i show some love to someone who i consider to be my most current and top follower:
A blogger who goes by the name Jaz

Discover Jaz on knoji where she shares her expertise on both a personal and professional level. The devoted to learning and muli-talented blogger/many other things is a rare find who can be both entertaining on a positive level and poetic in many other aspects. The fearless underrated artist is definitely worth exploring and if you feel the same by taking a little time out to check her out then feel free to get the word out about Jaz and share her sites, Thank you.

She can be found at

Amazingly enough her talent doesn’t stop there in fact she’s also apart of a music band who’s music page can be found on the page links below:

Her music page:

One of many art displays she has to offer on her music profile page which i found stunning for someone who is so busy all the time. I mean where does she find the time?

The original photo page link: Original Photo Page

Last but not least she is also a fellow word presser and can be found sharing content on a more personal level at:

Thank you Jaz for being you and pursuing everything you wanted to be in life by not letting all the hardships we endure as a people to keep you from making your place in this world.

“Feel free to comment below to share your insight”

7 Responses to “Here Is Recommended Sites Tuesday!”
  1. jdobypr says:

    Jaz is amazing and creative, I only know her via her blog but I have enjoyed the interaction and engagement…great choice for a shoutout!!!

    • Thanks Jerry, like i said i only promote who and what i believe in and she definitely fits that mold and then some. I’m glad you found her every bit as fascinating as i did. And to think she has a long way to go you know, Thanks for stopping by though J – always a pleasure 🙂

  2. Jaz says:

    Reblogged this on jazfagan and commented:
    Thank you so much!

  3. Jaz says:

    OH my what did I do to deserve such wonderful accolades! I thank you love, peace as always, Jaz 😀

    • You have been one of my most loyal followers. So its only fitting that i give you a shout out love. I only promote what is cool and things i believe in and you are both. So Jaz as much as i admire you for you’re strength and ability it cannot compare to the love you have already shown me. All i can say is thank you for being you 😉

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