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Always good to see people reaching out to help others. Great post Jerry ^_^

The Urban Link

By Lateef TheIndustryDude

The National Black United Front organized the “Feed The Hood: Food & Clothing Drive” at the Miles Mack Recreation Center in Mantua, Philadelphia.

The day was beautiful, the scene was important. The National Black United Front organized the “Feed The Hood: Food & Clothing Drive” at the Miles Mack Recreation Center in Mantua, Philadelphia. Residents from the neighborhood trickled in to get food and clothing donated various individuals &UrbSocietyMagazine.

Hanif of HipHopOnDeck.com was a premiere sponsor for the event. Which will be organized several time a year. We all pride ourselves in helping the community. Come out and donate at the next “Feed The Hood: Food & Clothing Drive”.

feed the hood event

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