Broccoli protecting our bodies against air pollution

ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) – Take a deep breath and eat some broccoli.  The green vegetable not only helps prevent heart disease and repairs skin damage but broccoli can also protect our bodies from air pollution.  A new study finds broccoli compounds help us flush out the chemicals we breathe in from paint thinners, car exhaust, tobacco smoke, and power plant emissions.  The more bitter the broccoli, the better.

You’ll need to eat almost one and a half cups per day.

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One Response to “Broccoli protecting our bodies against air pollution”
  1. Very informative. But there are two aspects of Broccoli which comes up for me. First, Broccoli is seasonal for my area and in summer it needs to be imported and is expensive. Second, Broccoli if consumed in large quantities as suggested by you, creates gas which is embarrassing if one works in office.


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