If there is one thing complex about the internet world is figuring out effective ways to promote your site, product or most trending method at the moment: An email list. So i found this website and felt compelled to explore only to find some fascinating features that make it stand out from most web rotators. One cool feature is email blaster to all of the members of the network which can be done after using up the points you can gain from clicking on other members emails. The potential of building a list is easy in that aspect if you are willing to communicate and contact others who are willing to network.

The second cool thing i found was the unlimited web rota-tor that can be left on auto pilot for all the thousands of members to see so long as you keep your account active. The only thing required for that is to surf 50 sites per month which is the lowest you will find online when it comes to promotional sites like these. The surfing is manual as well for each member guaranteeing that you receive traffic that will see your content.The only down side is that with the FREE membership you only get to promote one site. But you can change that site when ever you like if you have other things to share.

Over all the site has a good W.O.T ( Web of Trust ) so far

and is a good place to connect with others and build your down line  if that’s what you are looking for.

So feel free to sign up on Listsurfing below and subscribe here on All Thee Above for more cool content!

list surfing

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