If there is one thing that still separates modern day internet from using smart phones is that there aren’t too many FREE apps that people can use to earn a little chump change when they want to. But after some research, patients and a little trial and error i managed to find a couple cool ones for the android platform that were the most effective to use.

cash pirate
Cash Pirate App

The first one is called Cash Pirate which pays people to download other free apps from lists which they share revenue with users. Lowest pay out is $2.50 of paypal which was able to be earned with in the first two days of use and the cool thing about it was that it was instant payment. Now it takes toying with the app through out the day to make the most of it in case any new apps pop up to download. Compared to most apps the updated lists are far more frequent on here and with normal use can earn an average of $10 per month. Enough to cover the expenses of other services like movie on demand apps and make them FREE. Earnings can even be boosted significantly with referrals.

cash pirate payout
Payout Page in App

Definitely the kind of thing to recommend to friends if they want to cover the costs of other app that require them to pay monthly like Netflix.

cash pirate features
App List Selections To Choose From

If this sounds like something worth trying out then use code: NVUHBZ to start with 50 – 100 points and get a code to earn 500 of the first 1000 points for what referrals make on the app along with 10 % of the points they earn from then on and 5 % of the people they get to sign up. It generally takes 2500 points to earn the first $2.50 so the 500 that will be earned from each referral will be fast.

Using Dr.Web Light to scan each app download can help detect and remove any rare faulty apps with ad problems

perk tv
Perk TV App

Now this cool App is kind of like the one and only automated program that allows people to play videos on auto pilot while earning points to cash out on gift cards. It’s the kind of thing one can use to leave on over night to let the points build up on its own. It’s smooth and does not cause lag issues unless there are already pre existing problems which can easily be fixed with a FREE app called Clean Master which frees up junk storage and ram.

perk tv features
App Video List To Start From

Now being a first time user will only allow users to get a $2 amazon gift card for 2500 points since the $5 card will be locked off during the first redeem. But by the next time the app reaches 5000 points the $5 one will be unlocked for purchase from that point on. It generally takes two days to receive the code in email which is faster then most PTC sites which take as long as a week or more. And on average it would take 4 days to get to the redemption points if  the app is left on auto pilot over night.

perk tv rewards
Payout Page in App

The cool part about this app is that every one can see the biggest earners of each day which reaches as high as 10,000 points. But obviously this is due to the number of referrals they must have received along with the use of their own application. Now the pay pal isn’t worth earning unless added sign ups are frequent users but as an App that can be used for Amazon Gift Cards this definitely will help add at least $20 – $25 extra per month when using as is.

So if this app sounds like something worth getting use code: 47d81e04 to start with 50 – 100 points and get provided a code that will allow 500 points upon the first redemption of each referral.

Use At Your Own Discretion

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