Poverty: A System Design flaw or a Designed flaw

K.S.@ksfinblog: Global Analyst


Poverty, as it stands is not just a matter of financial hardship for people. As far as the experience suggests, in it’s modern avatar, it is an imposed ‘psychological stress’ that is systemically imposed on a certain section of society.

Relation between socialistic stress and its correlation to poverty  is very much evident……… Here’s the skinny

Poverty is a designed flaw in the system

Muhammad Yunus – A History of Microfinance

Scoff, as one might do and do often, most people are surprised to learn this tiny fact of life. In fact, living in a capitalist society as most of us do, most of the systems are designed to fail and fail at regular intervals.

Look around yourself: the computer programs that constantly need to be upgraded on your laptop in order to keep it functional; the newest trends in the fashion that one must buy, to be seen as cool/hip…

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