Subjects Matter Latest Article: Will NASA Help In California Drought?


Will NASA help in California Drought is a question that has not been stirred up so much in the main stream.

So far its been a number of years where that side of the states has been affected by the weather conditions. But how a thing like mother nature can be helped is another story. The east coast has been for the most part very moist for the past few years. This passing winter in fact was the longest that has been seen in some time, which for some reason is not heading in the direction of the west coast. Maybe there are ways that NASA can provide some methods that can change this but how is the question.

Science has held its ground in the last ten years as being the front and center for solutions and breakthroughs. Still this area is a little up in the air when it comes to what fields are being explored. So unless there was some sort of discovery by NASA that hasn’t been brought to the eye of the public, the west coast will have to do with adapting. The issue has been acknowledged but hardly addressed enough to be a main topic. Hopefully this will change the more people get involved by making this subject known to the world.

The worlds weather changes has been front and center for over a half a decade with timeless events that have made people question what is happening. Usually the thing to blame is Global Warming which has fluctuated in the areas affected by this in the planet. There are efforts to try and cap down on certain misuses which involve recycling and cutting back on replaceable items such as plastic bags. Yet there is still speculation that the changes may have come too late for the world despite the recent optimism.

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