Subjects Matter Article: Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao


The weekend is over and after a long time of debate on who would win this fight, Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao is finally over.

Most people were rooting for Manny to win for obvious reasons because simply put Mayweather doesn’t really do himself justice with his antics. Which as of late give more and more people reasons to dislike him so its not surprising that many boxing fans preferred his downfall. The person people believed could get the job done was Manny Pacquiao who is better known as Pac Man. Unexpectedly due to the reality of the fighters boxing for separate organizations this was not a match that would come easy. Negotiations took place years ago to see where management could meet in the middle and all that emerged was a defamation of character lawsuit.

This came about after Manny was being called out for the use of steroids when reports stated he refused to take any testing for such drugs by Floyd’s demands. Afterwards the consideration for a bout was left in shambles despite the high demand to see these two duke it out. Most claimed Mayweather would never have a chance if they stepped into a ring with each other. But this was an argument made during a period where the pro boxers were in their prime, not when Manny just came off a bad KO.

Still Pacquiao had a record of 5 losses which meant he was remained a valuable commodity so long as he was willing to defend that record. Floyd being undefeated surely gave rise to the reality that he was not only the hero to root for here but now the under dog. So the end results of a multimillion dollar deal was not surprising when Mayweather finally agreed to make the fight happen. Some argued that it was a bad deal considering the two were now a little too old to be worth that amount. However, the turn out was it being the biggest boxing event ever which went the total of 12 rounds as a result.

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