Subjects Matter Article: The realms of taking life for granted

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There are many ways we do such things on a daily basis but often do we ask ourselves about the realms of taking life for granted?

I try to as often as possible but it ain’t easy when life is full of responsibilities. When some one is over whelmed with that its almost like reality escapes us daily. However, losing heart in the process is another story and being able to maintain our identities is vital when it comes to having our own families some day. It is easy to lose ourselves in the constant distractions and in this time its at an all time high. That’s no secret and the proof is in all the videos popping up online begging for people to cool it down for a minute and take a look around.

This article tackles the realism of dis-attachment from both ourselves and the reality around us. The world is going through things that was never able to be reached like before. Intense situations that can cause people to rather turn off then face facts that are potentially to hard to deal with. No one should have to swim in the worlds problems but to ignore it completely is another story. Inspired by true events I dig into the things I have seen and try to explain what could be triggering such behavior.

It’s no clinical sort of evaluation but it gets down to the root of why certain situations get over looked for the reasons that they do. The realms of taking life for granted on Subjects Matter brings up the fact that maybe looking the other way isn’t whats best if people expect improvement from the world. Even believing that things will never change is like accepting the things we aren’t comfortable with. It’s almost like living in a metaphorical cage with out looking on the outside, in.

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