I’m On Bloglovin: Are You Willing To Follow 4 Follow?

follow me on bloglovinI’m On Bloglovin: Are You Willing To Follow 4 Follow?

Just two weeks ago I finally managed to submit my latest site to Bloglovin. So if anyone is looking for followers which I’m sure you are on wordpress then follow me for a followback. Looking to build a supportive community on my site and I’m now using Bloglovin as a gate way to that opportunity. Subjects Matter is a blog with a variety of topics that tackle entertainment, scary and even interesting science news that would intrigue anyone. Videos are also added weekly and I am hoping to keep up my sites momentum.

My site also has Disqus installed for those of you who use that easy service to connect and converse with one another. So far it doesn’t seem like it’s easy to build up followers from the site itself which is why I’m reaching out. Ever so often I see bloggers on wordpress speaking about this service all the time. From the research gathered, it certainly can help sites build up their follower base despite being fairly new in the market. But as usual people over look starting points and rather jump straight into the party.

As far as that goes I have been able to create such communities before and http://www.antoniowestley.wordpress.com is proof of that. However, using an independent site like weebly to blog doesn’t really provide that kind of reach so I figured it was time to be open minded. Not only does my site provide a disqus comments platform but it also has community instant messaging system for anyone who visits the site and wants to speak about a certain topic. Send me a wink and leave a link to your blog if you prefer to trade regular subscriptions instead and I will be sure to return the favor. Or leave a comment here with your blog link if that is your flavor.


Thank you!



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