So I consider myself generally a happy person.

Happy to live life, happy to experience new environments, ideas and people.

New people usually being the best thing about life – new perspective and energy.

However, there are always a few people who can just really rile you up aren’t there. Today I have had the pleasure of such a person who just so happens to have an MBE.

Yes, I was shocked too….

I probably stuttered when confronted with the information which the person highlighted on several occasions during the conversation. I honestly think they were surprised that I did not know who they were…when they decided to re-interate the words at me through an aggressive tone at least five times.

Now I know what you are thinking…”Honey get over yourself” “Not everyone in life wants to be your friend” but I just couldn’t resist having little rant about it…

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One thought on “It cost’s nothing to be nice

  1. No. We cannot all be friends. Segregation happens naturally. Not by race or color, but lifestyle. The nouveaux riche or middle class the most dangerous. Anyone above them is a threat, and anyone below them is to be “smashed like a bug” when they don’t conform to the new “middle class ideal”.


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