Infinity Dream Award & Versatile Blogger Award…….who needs oscars when you have these ;)

Mithai Mumblezz

Ok I love watching Oscars and any award show (I especially love the hair-dos and the bling clutches). Red-carpet is one place where you get to see real versitality and infinite dreams of the fashion designers 😉wpid-cannes-best-looks-can-ladies-fa-w724.jpgBut the men, any place any occasion, best they can come up with is the Tux. Wearing same kind of clothes every day of your lives….doesn’t it sometimes get a bit boring?? 😉

So I’ve been nominated for 2 awards, Infinity Dream Award and The Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much. I’m deeply honored.

I really wanted to write these awards individually but since my semester’s gonna start in the next few days, I’m combining these two and’ll try my best to show some capacity to dream and maybe a bit of versatility…….. 😉

11143602_1098029196877536_6703204934614327154_nI’ve been nominated for Infinity Dream Award by theonlysup Thanks a lot. He writes some amazing blogs…

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