50 things that make me happy

love expressing

Fifty. Yes. It’s going to be a HUGE list. lilrant.wordpress.com, my new blog friend, tagged me to try it. So I thought why not?
Well, here goes: (wish me luck)

1. Sketching and painting. Pencil and brushes: my first love!
2. Writing! Just love it.
3. Genuinely caring friends.
4. My family (though they don’t make me happy ALL the time)
5. A good hair day!
6. Napping in the noon.
7. Reading novels! (I don’t know how come I remember that now, it should have been somewhere in #3 or #4)
8. Freshly baked bread. (I know it’s random, but common, in a list of 50, randomness ought come in somewhere!)
9. Comments and likes on wordpress.
10. Sharing a connect with a total stranger on WordPress!
11. When people get angry on my behalf! It almost makes me forget why I was sad/mad in the first place!

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