Tash Logic


I was getting a little bit ratty the other day about how much isn’t being done for those that are unfortunately homeless, and how some people treat them and it sparked this poem. This is my first ever poem I have written. So hopefully it is good 🙂


You walk through the streets and you are split by shame and pride.
Pride your not the one in the cardboard box,
But shame you’re the one still not willing to help.
I see you hurry past me like I am invisible.
Are you trying to pretend I am not there?
Does it make you feel better?

When born, your told nothing will hurt you.
You be protected from the cold.
That’s the gospel truth.
What a shock that was.
Cold isn’t just a feeling anymore.
It’s an emotion.

Some are born cold.
Some learn it.
Some are shown it.

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