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Complied By:  James Reid

So many of our favorite childhood franchises bit the dust too soon or just went in the completely wrong direction. Everyone has that one franchise they would love to see get revived–regardless of how hopeless these dream might be. Here are some of our members picks on what gaming franchises they would like to see revived!

1) Amanda Power (Committee Member) – Silent Hill


When P.T. became a viral sensation, it gave us hope that the Silent Hill series might get a fresh revamp to break away from the mediocre titles of recent years. Then internal politics at Konami interfered, and Hideo Kojima left the company. Guillermo del Toro confirmed that Silent Hills was officially canceled, killing the ultimate revamp collaboration from a master of storytelling, a master of horror, and Daryl from The Walking Dead.

2) Matthew Daniels (Committee Member) – Legacy of Kain

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