Can “Dragon Ball Super” be the best Dragon Ball anime/manga series yet?

Dragon Ball Ireland

Being the first new Dragon Ball series in 18 years Dragon Ball Super has to deliver, there is a lot of pressure on Akira Toriyama to write a good story. It goes without saying that Dragon Ball GT was itself a huge disappointment to the fans, but since Dragon Ball Super will be written by Toriyama it cannot be forgiven as easily.

I have been hearing from many fans about how Super remain exciting without experiencing fatigue. It must remain relevant, because its 2015 storytelling methods have evolved, and Dragon Ball has to follow this pattern. It is important for the franchise to introduce new and exciting plot twists, to have something unexpected. Many fans might be content with the established routine – a villain appears, kills people, the heroes train, heroes fight villain, heroes defeat villain, the dead are revived with the Dragon Balls, but the reality is, and its happened with other…

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