5 Things Never to Say to a Writer


Sometimes, just sometimes, it can be a little frustrating, this whole writing malarkey. And quite frequently, you might find yourself (however unreasonably) not wanting to talk about it. At all. Especially just after the times where you’ve erupted into a ball of angry frustration tears at the latest bout of writers block, and swear you’re never going to write another decent sentence in your lifttime.


It’s at delicate times like these that you know your nearest and dearest are going to either ask all the wrong questions, inadvertedly insult you, annoy you, or all three. Little known to them, you’ve been considering collecting everything you’ve ever written and holding a burning ceremony and possibly deleting everything from your hard drive too, stabbing the delete button maniacally (you don’t tell anyone you have everything secretly backed-up though). Welcome to the qualms and complaints of the writing world. Here’s just a quick…

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