9 Reasons why writing is like making up a dance routine #writer #writing


Hands up – who made up dance routines as a child?

Who did this and put on little dance performances with their friends in front of an audience ofbored family and elderly neighbours?

Who practiced their dance routine for hours in front of their bedroom mirror so that they could be amazing at the youth club disco?

I am hoping some of you still like to dream up your own dance routines. I still do 🙂 Sigh!

This post lists all the reasons why writing is similar to making up your own dance routine:

1. You spend hours in private writing and you spend hours in private practicing your dance routine (in front of the bedroom mirror).

2. Writing is a very personal thing, so too is dancing.

3. You can dress up your writing / book by printing it out on fancy paper, getting a flash book cover designed…

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