What is your thoughts about Christopher Columbus Day?

What is your thoughts about Christopher Columbus Day? Like and share if you agree!

3 Responses to “What is your thoughts about Christopher Columbus Day?”
  1. As an American Indian who lives in Alaska (but not an Alaska Native) I actually feel that we need to STOP with the identity days. They’re merely an attempt to rub other people’s noses into old grievances perpetrated and experienced by people who are long dead. Can’t we all just celebrate being human and try forgiving one another in this present generation for the sins of past generations? Racism steps back when we all quit being racists, but it ends when we all quit accusing people who are not like us of being racists.

  2. Instead of celebrating October 12 for Columbus Day, we should celebrate July 20 for the first lunar landing. It would get people more interested in science and technology. The post office and courthouse could be closed on that day as well. And since it’s so close to Independence Day, we could finish off those left over hot dogs and fire off the left over bottle rockets 🙂

  3. blackbird says:

    Columbus doesn’t deserve the honor. Native Americans, on the other hand, do. The more states make like Alaska and declare it indigenous people’s day, the better. Not because a day is going to do anything by itself, but just as a symbolic take that to a ridiculous tradition.

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