Join Me On TSU: The Hottest Social Media Platform On The Web


Recently TSU has come up as one of the biggest names going head to head with FB right now. With the social media site being able to grow their membership into the millions over the past 2 years. Currently upgrades have allowed members to access such cool tools like GIF files (Instagram Style), Groups (FB Style) with well known Charities that people can access if they are into donating earnings made with their page.

Lately the web has been begging for something new to come along and steal the show. I have always been on the look out for such a platform just in case I would be forced to transition into the new norm. From what has been seen most people who have joined here were looking for the same. At first used for marketing which can still be accessed with the latest additions. But lately also used for more personal means with out having to worry about the platform living off a creators material.

Celebs have even come out and stated how big platforms owe them big time for the use of their images in order to push their sites. I’m pretty sure that is where this idea surfaced when people began to get hip to how their pages where being used for monetary gain. This includes all life events, vid’s and material posted by the content creator themselves. This has also been a big topic lately considering how the web has been largely effected by big names that practically want to make the internet their own. So that is where TSU comes in because it provides the option for members to make the decision on whether or not to say no to this.

Even a verified badge is optional.

So long as your content is your own then all earnings made by TSU will be paid out. It was said when the site started that this would increase over time and with Celebs joining the mix it seems that soon content creators will most likely transition to this social media platform for the sake of taking a slice of the pie for what they make.

Make no mistake members on here are there to get away from the usual and so long as newbies can avoid spam profiles then this site is something worth exploring. It only took me about a month to get to over 600 followers when I first joined so even the growing process isn’t so bad. If your interested then feel free to join me there with my special invite by clicking the photo above or clicking Sign Up below.

sign up

Hope to see you guys there!


TSU is no longer active and has been taken down from the Web as of August, 2016

So for those of you looking for an alternative I have been trying out the site below


35 responses to “Join Me On TSU: The Hottest Social Media Platform On The Web

    • Lol and why would you do that spartacus? Did you have a bad experience with the site before because this is about not allowing big name sites to live entirely off a creators content.


      • Well I know the site has a good wot (web of trust) rating and I’ve seen you sign up. If anything just contact them directly if you have questions but the only bad thing I’ve ever heard from the site was not paying out to spam accounts who use other people’s content to try and scam the system. That happens everywhere so it’s a typical thing. But so long as you got your account going I don’t see why you should have an issue, confirmation email or not.


      • I see. Well thank you for the tip! If I make something, fine. If not, it was worth a try. Another thing is, if I’m connected to TSU, and TSU is connected to Facebook, and FB is connected to here, it’s like the shin bone being connected to the, knee bone, etc..


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