Shared: Do You Agree With This Fellow Bloggers? πŸ˜

What’s a Strong Female Character? –

4 Responses to “Shared: Do You Agree With This Fellow Bloggers? πŸ˜”
  1. hL says:

    Your blog is awesome!

  2. tmezpoetry says:

    Julia Ormond as Sabrina in the movie Sabrina with Harrison Ford because she is honest, graceful and upfront while willing to allow life, situations and people truly affected her. That, to me, take strength when standing in front of the wall and not behind it.

  3. I agree with Bookish Girl. We have expectations of character that are based on stereotypes. But how do you describe a co-worker, when say three guys, wearing the same shoes, same colored shirt of three different races without including the race? Or three different women dressed similar, same hair color and length without describing some other features? We can’t escape stereotypes but when having to use them, someone else is going to label you in another stereotype. My, my the web that’s weaving.

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