Coffee Thought Moment: When It’s Better To Shut Things Off – Subjects Matter ☕

Source: Coffee Thought Moment: When It’s Better To Shut Things Off – Subjects Matter

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2 responses to “Coffee Thought Moment: When It’s Better To Shut Things Off – Subjects Matter ☕

  1. Thank-you for dropping by my place here on WordPress and yes, finding balance on what you watch on television is kind of like that idiom phrase, “You are what you eat.” I think that applies to what we read and expose ourselves to. I have to shut things off that basically sicken me on television. Today on CNN, they showed this video footage from the Brussels tragedy filmed by a man searching for his son in the carnage. I see that baby/toddler crying and wandering around the debris as they pan their camera around the room. I find absolutely not a soul picking up that child. I find that heartwrenching because I know that my first reaction would have been to pick up that child and carry them on my hip until we found somebody, to console, cajole their now violence exposed moment to give them some love. What is happening to us was all I could ask.
    I understand the camera person’s concern for their son’s whereabouts, but that child haunts me now and all I can do is wonder. Did I turn it off? No, i exposed myself to the harshness of reality. Do I need breaks to rejuvenate my spirit after taking too much, damned straight I do.
    in peace, love & light, ginger

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    • I’m sorry you had to see that it must have been tough to cope with it. But I can relate as ever so often I recall seeing something of that nature that literally makes me fold to the emotion. I can’t imagine if the generation before us was feeling this way. Yet when I ask my elders it seems like we are experiencing unique times. And for that we must monitor what we expose ourselves too cause essentially the world is hard enough. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. Feel free to browse my subjects matter blog and subscribe so we can exchange further insight over such subjects


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