NEWS: All Thee Above Will Soon Be Featured On A New App?

As an experimental phase while trying to find other ways to promote content with all of the changes that social media sites have made lately. It just makes sense to try alternative methods to drive traffic, especially with the reality that it is becoming more of a mobile world on the web. There’s no denying it and someday the idea of having laptops and computers will become a thing of the past. Which could be the reason why site exposure is so limited these days.

Now, try and imagine balancing all of the variety of content from different platforms with more and more sites trying to break into that market. Things like chat apps, other social media platforms and photo sharing alternatives that just keep rising in numbers. One has to realize the only thing holding back the competition is the fact that eventually a big competitor will just buy those names out at some point. But that doesn’t mean it will always be that way considering those legitimate names skim exposure for the market they continue to grow.

The same way one would buy out a supermarket of all its goods in order to distribute it the way they see fit.

It’s the kind of thing that makes a creator seek out alternative methods in order to put muscle behind the already daunting and costly means of promotion online. But those names are very few on the web and will most likely decrease in the up coming years. Well, that is until society eventually says enough is enough and turns those names into the new myspace. Which is still a long shot at this point and not worth waiting around for when there could be a solution lingering around the corner. And that solution I believe is taking a crack at the mobile market while its still accessible.

Let’s face it, the average creator must have a few blogs, 3 – 5 social media sites and alternatives to play around with when they are bored.

Now, this wouldn’t matter for someone doing things for fun but it is mandatory for creators who are looking to get somewhere with their content. Which is becoming more and more limited by the years when its used on its own. One example I can use is the fact that just yesterday, this Monday I was live on twitter. Creating over 20 tweets during prime time hours on a popular topic and yet only received about 5 retweets as a whole.

Not really the twitter I remember using a few years ago and don’t get me started with fanpages that continue to get stripped to the bone.

But that’s the kind of thing that had me contemplating what changes I could implement to help plug that gap when it gets worse. My idea was always hovering over the mobile market but I had to learn more about the technical side of it before exploring. Which you cannot deny is a cesspool of users the average creator is disconnected from online. Don’t get me wrong, anyone can use some free service to create an app with a single blog. Yet, if you have a few of those then it would take a few apps to give a follower base access to the broad spectrum of that content. Forcing some one to evaluate the apps on their phone just to consider this option.

So the goal was to gather all content from all platforms in order to create a convenient gateway from one mobile app to each website. Popping up as news feeds in a variety of sections that could show the user what they missed out on while they were gone. Instead of being lost in the shuffle of the direct feeds of those websites and hoping to get lucky. All posts numbered and revealed to the reader or viewer the moment they open that one convenient mobile application.

Now imagine doing that with something like your books which you can keep in one section for purchase while another provides a live feed of updates from fans and reviewers. Maybe even create a section for a creators music while a live feed is showing the reactions from listeners who love what they are hearing. In this aspect it makes one side of promotion a bit more realistic while never losing a follower because of a websites decision to make a change. Just simply all  social feeds provided in one place at the touch of a button.

That brings me to the app which will feature alltheeabove which should go live this Wednesday and will be a beta test of this format. Which hopefully will help with the exposure of all of the posts on this site. That includes the shared posts from all of you wonderful creators out there that could use the boost. So lets keep our fingers crossed and see what comes of this project because it could mean an option for creators to explore if it all works out for the best.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the debut of what will be my FREE promotional experiment called “Ramble”

ramble logo

Don’t forget to support this FREE app upon release if you prefer 24 hour access to alltheeabove at the touch of a button

Which if successful will be offered as a creation for those seeking this method as well.

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