Happy Mothers Day To All My Followers! 👪

Colorful flowers taken by AntonioWestleyHere’s A Little Poetry Worth Exploring

Just Click The Photo Above To Read


6 responses to “Happy Mothers Day To All My Followers! 👪

  1. I am enjoying what I find ….I LOVE the ethos ….there seems to be layer upon layer of it tho ….it’s taking a while for a brain such as mine to suss it all out:D:D

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      • what kind of answer is that?:D:D
        the zen of being disappears …you appear …I check out your site and get all confused ……thinking ….AHA!!! ……I reckon this is the zen of being but he’s expanded ……but I’m confused what the hell is going on …..there seem to be coffee mornings …. feeding the hungry and ALL kinds going on on your site …I’m only used to the very simple:D:D:D

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      • Well usually when I find an anomaly I sit back and enjoy the show lol. Thank you for your flattering comments never the less I do hope your enjoying what you find. 😁

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