Shared: Who Is Your Favorite Writer, Leave A Comment! 📕

Your favorite writer –

11 Responses to “Shared: Who Is Your Favorite Writer, Leave A Comment! 📕”
  1. Ms Lovely says:

    Thank you for sharing this great information!!

  2. Nic Schuck says:

    How about top 5? Ernest Hemingway, Cormac McCarthy, Larry Brown, Harry Crews, Elmore Leonard.

  3. I have so many favorites. I’d almost agree that if I got to the end of the book (which there are countless) they became my favorite for a while!

  4. Ms Lovely says:

    I gotta say the best book around that will completely change your life is called “War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. In this book he advices the public how to deal with resistance. Check it out…

  5. gertloveday says:

    So many of them. Poets: Louise Gluck, John Burnside, Roo Borson; novelists, well it all depends on their latest book. A lot of people just write too much. Magda Szabo’s terrific, as is Muriel Spark.
    Flann O’Brien. Good old Jane Austen of course. Raymond Carver. Conrad. Nicola Barker.

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