All Thee Above Is Now Featured On A New App Called RAMBLE

This Free app not only features the work load of Antonio Westley but it also provides free promotion for every one that gets shared on this blog. Which means more potential for clicks and readership for everyone getting featured on All Thee Above. So far RAMBLE has only reached 29 Downloads over the past week. So I will need your help to get the word out in order to showcase whether or not this can be a great alternative for those who use social media but feel they are being held back.

Lets face it the room for making well known names is getting smaller by the day meaning the little guy has to get to the back of an unrealistic line. This is why I chose to assemble this beta version in order to not only show that there can be loopholes but there are answers to this ongoing issue. Those who have tried this app have had some positive things to say as far as usability goes with a smooth interface that helps assemble content across the web in one place. Which fairly resembles the format Twitter and Google Play is currently using for their platforms.

There are a few wordpress bloggers already using this app to replace the old model of email alerts with a more hands on alert for their phones and other smart pads. Currently it’s only available for Android devices but the ios is currently being worked on for future reference. Feel free to drop your name if you are one of the few using Ramble to keep up with AllTheeAbove by leaving a comment below. For those of you who like the turn out of this app and feel you can use this to help with your content online feel free to leave a comment. Prices will start at $5 for a simple version where as banners, Adsense Options and other site additions will cost more for assembly.

Features include: Video Sections, Blog Sections With Option To Comment (Disqus Included), RSS Feeds, Photo Sections, Like Button To Gather Preferred Content In One Area, All In One Live Feed For Every Update, Live alerts, Sync Options and Forum Area.

Get Yours Here by Clicking The R Below

ramble logo

File Size Is 34.14 MB

Only Available For Android Devices

Currently Featured On Getjar

Ramble Is Free To Download and Could Use Some Exposure So Help Get The Word Out and Make This Dream Happen

For a more in depth look at why Ramble was created check out All Thee Above’s First Announcement Of This Creation By Clicking Below


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