Coffee Thought Moment: Why The Super Hero Genre Seems To Be Losing Its Luster

Source: Coffee Thought Moment: Why The Super Hero Genre Seems To Be Losing Its Luster

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13 responses to “Coffee Thought Moment: Why The Super Hero Genre Seems To Be Losing Its Luster

      • What makes me think it’s just getting going? I don’t think it is, I was kinda joking. I think it’s probably about to hit its Zenith and then go into decline, but at this point I don’t see how it ever goes away. I mean really this is part of something that was started in 79 and even the fallout from Batman & Robin only pushed it back for a couple years. if Warner Brothers doesn’t start to resonate with fans they could have a Heaven’s Gate style disaster on the horizon. But if Johns becomes more involved I don’t see that happening (unless they just ignore him, but I don’t think Batfleck will so WB will probably end up with some really good Bat films at least).

        But I think it’s pretty clear that the future is TV. The Netflix marvel stuff is already quite a bit better than the films, and because of Berlanti, Kriesberg, & Johns the DC TV shows are much more like a fully realized DCU for the same reason that the MCU became cohesive so fast: a focus on “minor” heros that need to be properly defined. Superheroes on TV have an even longer & more resilient history than Films, plus pretty much everyone is arguing that TV has replaced the novel etc. So yeah


  1. There’s so much scope for amazing visual effects with the technology film makers have today that tit’s almost as if the audience goes along to see what new tricks they’ve come up with. It isn’t about psychologically interesting characters,it;s about amazing effects and getting audiences in to see something they haven;t seen before. I say this, of course, as someone who never goes to superhero movies!

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    • Lol okay well here’s where I see your opinion and raise you the events that transpired between films called The Purge and Will Smiths Earth. Both released at the same time with very opposite budgets. Earth was a visual spectacle with lack of plot where as purge was all plot and lack of budget. Surprisingly the effects show nearly crippled Hollywoods credibility where as the one all about story earned 20 million on top of the one million it took to make the film. So if you ask me both are mandatory and even batman v superman is proof of that. Thanks for sharing as always Gertloveday ✌😁


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