Shared: Guardians Of The Galaxy Avengers Crossover Confirmed? 🎬

Vin Diesel Confirms AVENGERS GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Crossover –

7 Responses to “Shared: Guardians Of The Galaxy Avengers Crossover Confirmed? 🎬”
  1. natcat1818 says:

    I have some collectibles from Guardians of the Galaxy!! Uncanny!! Lol

    • Like toys and stuff or comics? 😶

    • You must be excited about this tho 😊

      • natcat1818 says:

        Lol they are little individual figurines with appropriate attire and knick knacks come with them. They are collectibles. So technically they are toys. But not for me…lol. I usually hunt for them and then decide if I can make a profit.

      • Sweet (Napoleon Dynamite Voice) but is Cris what ever his name is at least in the dancing position? Cause you know all that Adele music you must be playing all day. Rolling In Da DEEP!

      • natcat1818 says:

        I don’t have a Cris!!!! Oh no. Drats! And btw I loved Napoleon Dynamite…lol. And I never saw the actual movie. But I do love her !!!! But today, I’m not “Right as Rain.”

      • You don’t have Chris Pratt and he’s like the main character? Shame, shame, SHAAAAME! And like yeah you have to see Napoleaon in order to get…Right As Rain ✌😁

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