10 Rules For Success – http://wp.me/p6taOT-w3

31 thoughts on “Shared: Ten Rules For Success 📝

      1. Sorry I got this message late but I’m just studying yt changes right now so I know what to do when I utilize some channels I have on standby. What have you been up too, how was ya #Halloween 🎃😁🎃


      2. Well, I stayed home,had a job to do. Besides I don’t have little ones. What I really fantasize about doing was handing out corn on the cob to kids! Like grab a whole raw ear of corn and toss it in their bag wrapped in its freshly green leaves and grin saying “there ya go” muahahahahshabhaha

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      3. Wait what?… There’s a proper way to eat corn!? Oh my damn… Can’t wait to hear it.. . So, mind telling me how is done? Lol remember I’m a latina and we violate the corn in very creative ways… No pressure… Tee-hee, take your time

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      4. Okay, don’t meet too many Texans on here but I’m not sure about ww3 just most of it could just be click bait. That thing has been talked about since the 80s you know 😶


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