Shared: Should Every Story Contain A Happy Ending? 📚📝

Does Every Story Need a Happy Ending? –


2 responses to “Shared: Should Every Story Contain A Happy Ending? 📚📝

  1. I totally agree that they should not all have happy endings. It’s an unrealistic expectation that all stories should end well. I also find as I get older that I’m a happy for a story not to conclude, for there not to be answers to questions raised and to not even always make sense. I’m quite happy to dip in and out of a created world and to even see the main character die or end up alone etc. It doesn’t always leave you feeling happy about it when you realise the ending is a sad one and, having written a couple of books myself I have to say I really struggled with inflicting this on one of my main characters, but it does sometimes work much better for the reader/viewer.
    By the way, I really enjoyed stranger than fiction 🙂

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    • I felt it would be inhumane to write stories with nothing but happy endings since like you say its unrealistic to do so. It would have certainly been a mindless approach, thanks for leaving your detailed thoughts ✌😁


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