For Hip Hop Music Lovers – Check Out This Mixtape by SouthJerseyTK released March 2nd, 2017. Featuring tracks like No Grudge, Bag B, One Day, Pride, Glory, Life Lessons, Destination and No Grudge 2. A collaboration mixtape that expresses the struggles that come with the street life. Mostly capturing the gritty story telling of under ground artists exclusively from New Jersey. Featuring sounds that are both modern and reminiscent.

Artists found on this mixtape possess lyrical flows that relate to any modern day hip hop fan. Especially, the listeners who prefer losing themselves in music they can relate to. Not one artist on the mixtape called Self Employed sounds like they are trying to mimic the modern day flow of the likes of Trap or Mumble Rap. This list is mostly comprised of the everlasting classic 16 bar clear flow for listeners who prefer knowing the words to the songs they are playing. With beats that seem to possess its own unique take on the style it is framed around.

Any fan of this genre would enjoy this list or even those who are into listening to variety. No Grudge 2 seems to be a remix that has the potential to make the radio waves. This mixtape has a parental advisory warning so be sure to cautious about where your playing this list. As far as any music videos go it seems that SouthJerseyTK does have a YouTube Channel but nothing available for these sounds. But there is plenty of other content that can be explored from previous years. All music can be found and downloaded from SoundCloud, Google Play and Itunes for those of you who enjoy Self Employed.

Other platforms are also hosting this new mixtape so feel free to explore if you are curious.

Let me know what you guys think by leaving a comment below!

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