NationalPetDay: How You Can Help A Charitable Cause By Sharing This Post Or Playing Some Video Games On Facebook

How You Can Help A Charitable Cause By Sharing This Post Or Playing Some Video Games On Facebook  nationalpetday

 – Free Charity Option Now Available From My Fanpage –

Just A Daily Click Of A Button Can Help Provide Food and Materials Needed To Help Aid Animals In Shelters.

Help band together to help those who cannot do it for themselves by simply clicking a Free donation button daily and motivating yourselves with a few cool new online games featuring my rescued dog Bella. She’s happy to meet you guys and would love for you to check her new mobile friendly games if it means helping with this cause.

See how happy she is today and get inspired to help those who still don’t have a home. It only takes a few seconds to Share, Like or Support on our home on wordpress or on Facebook. Currently this video has the potential to reach over 100,000 people online so with your help it can sky rocket it even further. Creating great potential in gathering the big hearts needed to make a difference here.

So far the stats below explain how daily clicks affect the food needs of animal shelters on a daily basis

If your on Facebook this video post from my Fanpage can be saved conveniently if your interested in trying this. The post links over to two retro featured games that also opens up with two different sites before game play. One is called Bella‘s Epic Chase which helps The Animal Rescue Site with clicks. The second is called Bella‘s Epic Fury which helps the Care2 site with their free donation button. Both options can be accessed in this video post with out needing to be a member of FB. So if bookmarking is more of ya thing then just simply save this Facebook video post on ya device to visit daily.

A daily reminder can be also be provided directly to any email you choose from a post on my Subjects Matter blog. Just make sure to comment below if you would prefer that option and I will create the post today. For anyone who considers helping out, thank you ahead of time. And for those of you who just rather keep it simple with some promotion, we are still grateful for your assistance. Bella was a rescued dog adopted late last year of 2016 and she’s been happy ever since. She even brings joy to the world around her and it was her big heart of gold that allowed me to bring this all together.

Hopefully, we can help provide that option for other pups waiting for their chance at a good life. Together anything is possible and this is just one of the many easy ways of getting involved with out having the need to break the pockets. Even though we all know time is what really matters in this world. Which is something most animals don’t have compared to our own so I call out to you guys to help put some muscle behind this message online.

– Thank you –

How You Can Help A Charitable Cause By Sharing This Post Or Playing Some Video Games On Facebook


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