SubjectsMatter – Coffee Thought Moment: Witnessing Societal Disconnect

Source: Coffee Thought Moment: Witnessing Societal Disconnect

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3 Responses to “SubjectsMatter – Coffee Thought Moment: Witnessing Societal Disconnect”
  1. rhythmoftime says:

    Arguments aren’t fun, no matter what. One thing I learned about recently is that being put “under the ether” is a term scam artists use to rile someone up, so that the person makes mistakes like giving away money that one shouldn’t-but I think some are manipulators, in general, that make people emotional as a way to replace the need to deal with troubling emotional issues themselves. Judgments are hard, and no-one wants to be judged, even if it comes from a good place. Others take more accountability for their behavior, though, and it can be frustrating when people don’t at all (abusive types).

  2. Kris says:

    ‘most people seem to think they know whats going on without any means of questioning the things they know..’ So true!

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