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Hey guys, as you may know one of the benefits of being subscribed to alltheeabove is filling people in on the new wave online. Specifically, when an app or platform made for creators becomes the HOT thing to do. Currently the place to help promote and create things online is called Steemit. Where you can pretty much post anything you like including photos, poetry, your blogs and even links to your other sites that will get click through’s. Now if you know anything about the web, Click Through‘s are a tough thing to master. But it’s always been because of the struggle that comes with building a supportive community.

Now a days the way to do that is to join sites like steemit that are built for creators who are looking to support one another. In order to bring that over into what ever is your main platform. Be that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat or WordPress itself which mind you has somewhat took a nose dive due to all the drop offs from casual bloggers. This used to be the youtube strategy when promoting videos on other sites in order to gain subs. But steemit is bringing all of these components together and generated a place for creators to to find one another and share their ideas.

To give you an example of how big it’s getting, I’m from NY and I can’t tell you how hard it is to connect with people from my city on Facebook. Till this day I must have maybe 7 – 10 people I have friended on there in a 5 year span of my account. So that’s 5 years to make neighborly friends that I can count with my hands. But on the first day I joined Steemit, I managed to connect to a new yorker with in the very first hour. Which says a lot for a platform that isn’t even supposed to be a social media site.

It’s the first thing that convinced me that this place was becoming a big deal online. Followed by my noticing that other friends who share photos online were popping up with this logo. Another thing worth noting is the instant responses and high interactivity on there which I haven’t seen since TSU and BubbleWS. But it is recommended that an introduction post be made in order to achieve this kind of momentum. I for one have a hard time bragging about myself but it certainly gave me a leg up in trying to hit the ground running. It was a good way to share links as well when it came to sharing who I was.

Now I know building a community varies online but for those just starting out or maybe feeling like building support’s not coming fast enough. Steemit can certainly be one of your solutions because it is built around influence and communication with others online. Almost like a billboard with the option to write, share and create in real time.

Here are the bullet points to getting started

  • Create an account and wait a day or two for approval
  • Verify the account and remain with the provided password
  • When activated create a cool introduction post in the introduce yourself section
  • Make sure to metatag that post so it shows up in the introduce yourself section
  • Follow others, like, comment and don’t stop till you reach 20 – 30 people you follow
  • Stay active, pay attention to who you follow to avoid eggs and you will regain retention

So if this sounds like something your willing to explore then join and add me on there by clicking below

>> Click Here <<

The final thing worth noting is that after only posting a few times and gaining the most exposure from my intro post. I remained off the platform for 6 days and lost no kind of momentum. So in other words there is no drop off point and you can pick up where you left off. Which is super rare online, however if you want to make the most out of it – just remain as active as possible and the sky’s the limit there.

Good Luck and can’t wait to connect with you guys!

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