new year by monicore on pixabay

Thanks to you All Thee Above has now reached over 4,801 followers in the year of 2018

2,404 email subscribers

and 2,397 followers on wordpress

To increase the exposure of blog posts some new social media accounts will be made where posts here will be instantly shared to other sites once they are online. Currently ATA is only limited to the followers on wordpress and our subscribers along with a free app hosted the on Opera app store. If net neutrality changes doesn’t lead to a complete black out of content online then this will surely help with the continued growth of each site supported here on ATA. So make sure to put your best foot forward if the fall out of the internet being at risk doesn’t immediately lead to any significant changes online.

To help increase readership – help boost ATA by sharing this site online

Lets see if we can get to 7,000 followers in total by the time 2018 hits!

Happy Holidays


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