3 thoughts on “Shared: Publishing a Blog Post Every Day for 1,000 Days in a Row: Time to End the Streak and Write the Book! 💻📝

    1. There are some great posts on this site shared by fellow writers that may help but as far my knowledge goes publishers are really complicated to get a hold of. Most writers tend to fish their book around until a publisher says yes. No different then a job interview I presume. But in the indie circuit anyone can post their books on amazon for sale. Only downside to that is that in order to keep that one book relevant is getting reviews and posting micro content like short stories or anything I’m other genres to keep your amazon book store up to speed. If your confident in your book them make sure you own all your liscence’s like trademarks and such and get hold of your book serial number so you can post it across the net without issues.


    2. Be advised that I am not published so take what I know and said here with a grain of salt. Do ya research and take these as bullet points to what you can look into and good luck Jim


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