As promised for the 2018 year, all thee above now has more of a back bone to every post shared on here. With two separate accounts that will instantly post every shared link from all thee above.

Meaning, if you are apart of my subs and we follow each other and you get shared here then it will also be instantly posted on both twitter and Facebook – INSTANTLY. Currently the twitter account connected already has over 900 extra followers to reach out to but as far as the fanpage goes this will unfortunately be starting from scratch. So if there is anyone who would like to help get that page off the ground then feel free to like and share it to all of your friends.

What ever little helps with the free promotion provided on all thee above which will continue to help bloggers and creators with exposure online. Growth will gradually take place with the facebook fanpage, however there is always more strength in numbers. So with that said here are the accounts below that will be assisting all thee above for the 2018 year.

We will continue to grow stronger as the year goes one my friends, Stay vigilant and feel free to rate the new look if you guys think its better then before!

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