That’s Right! Alltheeabove has over 3000 subscribers and YOU get the chance to introduce yourself and your blog by simply leaving a comment below. It’s a NEW YEAR and why not start off by giving everyone here a wave of the hand. Let them know who you are and why they should follow YOU!

After making your grand introduction make sure to share this post to increase the eyes on your name. Rankings make all the difference and together we can fly high.

Happy 2019, now let’s hit the ground running!

9 thoughts on “It’s 2019 and Here’s A List Where YOU Can Introduce Yourself To 3000 Followers!

  1. Great idea, Antonio; the greater the exposure, the better the chance of finding new readers.
    My website is where I post about books (my own and other writers’), English language, review books, and share resources (you’ll find a frequently updated table with links to many creative writing contests as well as two free lists of first names from around the world, totalling over 10,000). I welcome comments and contact, so come and join me there. Enjoy!

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  2. Great idea! I have just stumbled across your blog and am already feeling the love emanating from it! My name is Tash and I have a blog called Easey by Name ( in which I share my health journey through concussion, digestive damage, vision dysfunction and more! I have only just launched it so it is early days, but it is my baby and have worked hard to get it up and running! Happy New Year everyone! 😊❤

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  3. Great idea! Thanks, Antonio, for your frequent visits to my blog at! I have enjoyed many of your posts as well. Have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019!

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