Have you been thinking about upgrading your site lately?

Or maybe you just want to expand your choices?

Then check out this list and see what are some of the best hosting options available for your new website today!

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One thought on “Top 5 Web Hosting In 2020

  1. Good article. Well-presented. Especially valuable that you had tried out a few of them yourself. I am with Siteground but nice to see what else is around. I’ve been happy with Siteground though there were cheaper options when I started: eg Go Daddy but there were also a lot of negative reviews of these cheaper sites (in 2015).
    The downside I found with Site Ground was that though they were very helpful when you had purchased support, their Russian and Slavic seemingly clone personal had great trouble talking the same language to a low-tech blogger such as me.
    Siteground were very cheap to start with but although they cost a bit more annually, it doesn’t seem so much.

    Siteground also seems to work extremely well with wordpress.org.

    I don’t know why one would want more than one email (but then I only host one domain site, except for a free wordpress.com one).

    Similarly, whilst my audience is growing it is only tiny. I suspect that a limit of 100,000 visits per month won’t be a problem in the near future, if ever. My small audience is actually world-wide. The USA which used to top my list is only #3 now.

    Thanks for liking my articles regularly.
    All the best

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