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Well a few years back there was a social media site called TSU that allowed any members the option to make money from their original content. Unfortunately, the story goes that hosting services could no longer be provided because there just was not enough revenue generated for the platform to remain up. So the site was forced to close its doors despite members preferring it stay online.

Apparently while it was active charity donations were boosted because of this platform since it was an option for members no matter how small the earnings were. So there was a company that decided to pick the idea back up and give it new life again for this reason. With the idea of doing away with the weaknesses that cause the platform to fold the first time.

As one of the problems was that posts were closed off to public unless people signed up as members.

They are also allowing new members to earn a percentage from invites before the new launch. With a 50 percent payout as well which will boost earnings regardless if members could be active or not. Hopefully there wouldn’t be any rules getting in the way of that. But what’s the point of allowing big platforms to consume your original content that they get to choose get exposure or not?

I was once a member there and my readership for a blog I was paying for was never higher. Unfortunately when TSU went under so did my readership since regular social media sites algorithm seem to taint exposure. So I was forced to give up my blog and knew that if something like this ever came back then I would jump on board again and get back to business.

Luckily that place is TSU again and I am excited as a writer and content creator and you should be too if you feel the need to expand your horizons.

So join up today for Free and get a unique branded url to share online. My subscribers are free to use this unique banner as their own along with any new subscribers.

So check it out and leave a comment if you have any questions!

3 thoughts on “Exclusive What Is TSU Social Media?

    1. Thanks, I appreciate that but my main writing blog actually went under once TSU left the building. The crazy thing is I reconnected with many of my followers on other platforms but the limitations crushed the interactions. Causing my readership to plummet but I’m glad it’s back because I’m on medium now and it will help with that again. But feel free to check it out and see what it’s about if your curious and stay safe. Thanks for reading! 👍

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