Swagbucks Charity Program


Bringing awareness that will cost you nothing more then a few seconds of your time.

More help can be contributed by copying this post and simply adding your own referral link on the “Sign Up” area. Each person who applies is granted a referral link with in their swagbucks account that they can use to personally sign others up like the way i am doing here. By repeating this process with your own account and suggesting others repeat it the way i am suggesting here you can extend the effort even further then any single individual can.


There is a way of joining this effort without having to spend a dime out of your pocket and using this program is optional if you feel like you want to add more. So I call out to all of my followers and ask that you take a moment to consider signing up for a point’s rewards program that can help raise money for this effort. Everything is free including Sign up which can also be done by logging in with your facebook.

Each person who signs up will be awarded 35 points and when you are done you can simply come back to this page and click on the page link where you can donate the points. You can sign up for the program anonymously or by using your real info, it doesn’t matter so long as you follow through on transferring those points over to the donation page and making good on your end.

Now using the point’s rewards program is optional so you can continue using the account for personal use or to continue adding more points to help aid this effort. But by singing up once in a one shot deal this can help aid in attempting to raise the money that we can all help contribute to these programs.


( Instructions )

Now by clicking on the link below you will reach the sign up page that will have all the info that you see above. Sign up and when you are in your account open up another page but don’t log out and come back to this page.

sign upOnce you are back on this page click on the donations link’s below. This will take you straight to the page where you can donate all 35 of the points you have been rewarded to a charity of your choice.
donations pageThank you for considering helping these charities and if you feel like you want to do more to help then just spread the word and get friends to come to this page to follow the same process so we can all help making a difference in the change we need.

I encourage you to act now everything is free including the Sign Up process and will take no more then a few seconds of your time, Please consider this rare offer and use your time to help, Thank You.


I am an affiliate to the point’s rewards program for personal use but I in no way receive any profit or rewards for this effort. This is totally free and requires no purchase or required information.

Research on the swagbuck’s point’s rewards program can easily be done online but signing up for the site directly will not result in being rewarded the 35 points. This can only be done by signing up on this page and being directly linked over to the donations URL.

Contact information can be found on swagbucks.com if any or issues have occurred through the sign up process. Feel free to enjoy the site in the meanwhile and thank you for considering this generous offer.

“Any Questions Can Be Asked By Leaving A Comment Below
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  1. Keep up the good work!

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